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When I was young, I wanted to become an accountant and started studying on my own and I managed to get through the exams, with the little help of my father and one of my close friends. I am a qualified accountant having worked for charity sector for the last 35 years and now I have decided to have my own business. I wanted to work from home. Therefore, I have selected internet marketing, whether I will be successful or not is a different issue but I will work very hard towards it to achieve my goals. I started studying about the website creation in December 2014, and I feel that I have achieved a lot within a short spell of time. I will be putting more hard work in and I am going to achieve my goal. I have always learnt things on my own and I never fancied spending lot of money on the business as I am not sure whether I am spending in the right direction. I enjoy creating blogs and websites and I am planning to help some of my friends shortly.
I am working on my own without any serious help, and I am continuously reading and following youtube videos and trying to do the things needed for the business. I am not worried about it just right at the moment, as I have learnt and done everything on my own without spending a lot of money.
In my past employments, I have used the computer for work as the accounting systems computerised nowadays. But, I feel the internet marketing is entirely different and I have to learn everything in a different way.
I have created a website for my accounting business called www.sataccounts.co.uk, which is looking good but I will be glad if I can get some clients through that internet site.
I wanted to become an affiliate to do affiliate marketing and I chose Amazon first and I  became an Amazon affiliate and created a website called http://www.ouronlinecompanyto promote Amazon products, which is doing well.
The blog I created called www.ourbusinessblog .com is looking beautiful and I had some viewers for that blog, just explaining how to become an entrepreneur and grow the business.
My third blog that I created  www.myhomebusinessblog.co.uk has attracted some visitors, it is not easy to make money from the blog but you can build an audience. This blog is advising the readers, about different types of home business available out there and also pointing towards the people who like to work from home.
The latest blog that I have created is this blog   www.moneymarriagefamily.com that I launched recently looking excellent and I like it a lot. These websites and blogs need regular updates that I will be doing on a regular basis, for the customers to visit and enjoy and also to help you to achieve something from my contents.
In my opinion, lots of  people are always thinking about starting a new business. so, I decided to create an other blog about the procedures involved in the set up, long term benefits and some issues that you could face while you are setting up. Please welcome to read my blog - www.ourbusinessblog.com
I have few more blogs, this is for promoting Amazon product, have a look please, will help you to make a good decision if you have plans to buy this product - www.reviewsdigitalcamera.com
Do you want to get back your lost love, why not, try this method shown in this blog. - www.telpathicmessage.com
Do you want to know about my passion have a look at this blog - www.vathaniariyam.com
I am also writing few eBooks which I will be publishing in the near future.