Do you want your child to be a leader?

Often I have heard that leaders are born, not made. Do you think this is true? How many times did you read a biography of a great leader, and discovered that as a child, he has been quiet, reserved and rather shy? Are those natural qualities of a leader? Of course not! These people have developed their leadership qualities later in life.

What are the qualities of a leader?

Here are some of the qualities required to be a leader, and how you can encourage the development of these qualities in your child.


It is a quality where children learn from their parents. Therefore, parents will have to act as role models. And also parents will have to talk to their kids about integrity.  It will be beneficial if you start telling stories that include bed time stories and bear in mind the books that you choose will have to be about integrity.


Everybody has to have some courage in their life to become successful in anything, and when it comes to leadership, the leader will have to have more courage compared to other people because a leader has to maintain other people. Therefore, when you see some courage in your child's actions, you need to praise it and also enhance with storytelling.


It is an essential quality for anyone to have success and happiness in life, for example in a married life if you do not show patience there will be a possibility of destroying your marriage. This way it applies to leadership skill as well, as such it is important to you as a parent to teach your child about patience in life because a leader needs more patience when dealing with others in the team. Therefore, the parents will have to teach the child to have patience when playing with other kids and try and avoid any conflicts.

 Creative Thinking

When your child comes up with new ideas, listen to the ideas with respect regardless whether right or bad, if not that will not be helpful for the child to develop that thinking power. Do not ever laugh or criticize the idea; it will make your child lose the confidence. In the case of adults, when they come up with constructive ideas, and if they are being criticized by the people close to them, they will usually take it as an inspiration and work hard towards it to become the winner. On the other hand, kids are not like that as they are very young they will not have the confidence when they are growing up and also will not think creatively.


Faith in a child will have to be developed from the young age in particular by the parents if they want their child to become a leader. Do not ever criticize your child, instead bring up the right qualities in your child, praise and encourage the child about it on a daily basis.  You have to have time to talk to your child on a regular basis and develop the trust in your child that will help the child to become a confident person. If you do this constantly, it will boost your child's confidence and praise the achievements however much small, will increase the power in your child which is a crucial skill for a leader.


In the event your child makes a mistake and tries to pass it on to others because of the fear of accepting it, do not ever ignore. You got to take it on board and talk to your child that everyone makes a mistake but the right thing is to own your mistakes and tell your child that making a mistake is an opportunity to learn. As a parent you should come up with few questions like "Why do you think that happened? What did you learn from it? Do you think that you could have avoided it? Do not ever make them feel guilty about it and explain to them that they could not have control over other people's actions, but you can have control over your actions. This way the child will feel the power in him instead of feeling like a victim.


Whenever the leader is doing something, it should be transparent, as it will build the trust in them if not the people and the others who are close to the leader begin to come to wrong conclusions. Therefore, you need to teach your child to be transparent in actions and not giving an opportunity to think what the child is up to as this is also an important skill for them to learn when they are growing up.


If you want to achieve anything in life, you have to have correct mindset, inspiration and the passion for it. When your child is showing some passion for the leadership skills, and you have to keep encouraging your child to continue to maintain that love. The conversation that you hold with your child every day, and spend the quality time to make sure to get involved and find out that what is happening in your child's life, will give you power as a leader and that will eventually give the power to the child to become a leader.

If you try and develop the above skills in your child on a daily basis, you are leading your child on a path to success


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