How reward charts help children to behave better?


Rewarding children work better than any other way of helping them to improve their behavior. Parents prepare the tables with the input from their kids, and then monitor it on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It is not unusual for parents to try all kinds of methods to discipline their children but in my opinion, the chart system works better as they are looking for rewards but also help the parents to be free from tantrums, anger, and all the other bad childish behaviour.

Therefore, the parents will have to allow the kids to choose the charts and stickers to use it to design the maps then they get excited to see their responsibility and try to use it well. You also can create your chart in such a way that will include, all type of skills and responsibilities that you are expecting from your kids and you pay more attention to the ones that need to be solved as soon as possible. A chart could be created as an Excel spreadsheet or like a graph. When you are designing your map, consider the specific things that you been asking your child to work on, but it has to be according to the ages of your kids. Parents can expect an eight-year-old to make the bed and cannot expect the same from a two-year-old child. Children learn to understand the chart system from the age of three years, about using stickers or stars for the good behaviour.

When you are checking on a daily basis, if you see something like the better improvement, talk to them about it and reward them quickly with a box of fun items or something that they like. When the right behaviour continues for a while, and when it reaches the limit of the total number of points, you have to reward them in a bigger way, like organizing a trip to the zoo, or a fun fair something very enjoyable and appreciable by the kids. The surprise element is a huge incentive for the kids and inspired to behave well. When you are introducing the chart system, start with easily achievable goals and reward the behaviour whenever achieved.

Parents have to be careful in choosing the rewards and avoid rewards like food, as the kids will get used to the unhealthy food very quickly. One of the reasons for the bad behaviour in children because they need attention. Therefore, the parents will have to make sure that they have one to one talks with their kids on a daily basis and always praise them for good behaviour and keep focusing only on positive behaviour and ignore the negative behaviour. When you see the positive behaviour in your child praise the child with positive words and encourage them, then they eventually learn to behave better.

When you think that reward method helps you and see the improvement in the kid's behaviour, you have to maintain it on a consistent basis. We all go to work because we get paid on a monthly basis if that stopped none of us will go to work. The same system works with the kids as well.

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