How to develop self- regulation skills in kids?

 Toddlers usually are best known to breakdown, when they see something, or if they are tired, my grandson a toddler often gets scared when he sees something different, for example, a toy making the big noise, last week at the Easter show, got intimidated when he was watching mickey mouse. Therefore it is not unusual for toddlers to have a behavior breakdown due to the change of the situation and experience difficulty with self-regulation.

If you want to know about self –regulation kids, as parents we have to train them to focus on concentration, thinking power, behavior pattern and how they can control emotions. If we can develop these skills for our kids, it will stay with them forever, and they will have the courage to face any difficult situations either in school or their life. Before we prepare to send our kids to school, we have to make sure that the kids have got the readiness to go to school, by developing these skills. If they do not have high skills, they will bound to have problems in the outside world and the school. The achievement in the school education will not be great, and the kids will probably have learning issues, and other problems like aggressiveness, lack of social skills and even they might have depression. Therefore, we have to train our kids for academic readiness.

Children will face issues such as lack of self- regulation skills, even when they become adults, but when they are young, they look for adults in their environment to help them to regulate and practice emotion skills.

Most of the above depend on the child's parenting styles that are how the child has been brought up. The adults around the child have a responsibility to respond to child's needs effectively without neglecting it if neglected the child will have an uneasy feeling, and that will damage the child in the long run. Parent will have to be sensitive and comforting to the child in the event the child becomes terrified of something at some point. These pattern of developing your skills for your child is attained from consistent support from the parent of the child, as a result, that the child will feel protected all the time. The kids always watch their parents how they self-regulate themselves and learn from it, as parents when they have kids around them remember to control their behaviour as well.

The parents a who are well organized and with precisely scheduled their kid's routines will see that their child was growing up with healthy behaviors and be able to control emotions after having received regular practice from the parents. The kids come from disadvantaged families will have problems with self – regulation skills and they get noticed by their teachers in the school. Some families exposed to high levels of stress due to the child will never be able to get the proper training from the parents, if that is the case that the adults should become aware of these implications in the child's future.

Here are few tips that you can use to develop self-regulation skills for your child.

  • Organized daily routine for your child like dinner, nap, play and bath times.
  • Stay calm when you are helping your child to correct a mistake.
  • When your child is in agony may be after a fall, give full support to recover from it.
  • When you are trying to stop an activity that your child likes give your child a little warning or explain properly.
  • Talking with your child every day is crucial so that they will learn something from it.
  • Show the kids and encourage them as well how to manage anger or throwing tantrums.
  • You as a parent set an example in controlling your emotions in front of the kids.