How to look after your kids while you are working from home?

  This article is useful for moms who are having working from home on 9-5 jobs, and also having the kids at home. When the phone rings they are supposed to answer the phone because the job has to be done or maybe holding a meeting.

A mom who is doing a good job with real money will not like to leave the job, and she will find the best ways to keep the job and also pay one hundred percent attention to her kids as well. Therefore, she will need to adopt some methods to keep everything going in a peaceful and happy way.

In some jobs, the phone has to be used most of the day that is when the kids are around.

Tips to look for the job and the kids at the same time

If you are having babies

  • You can give them soft toys it can be animals and small balls and make them play with it. Some kids will spend lots of time with those toys.
  • Put your baby in your sling, and if you can nurse while you work, you will get sleep. You have to make sure that your child will get used to the noise in your home that are unavoidable.
  • Babies have sleep routine during the daytime; you can choose to do your work at that time.
  • You can hire a nanny to help you out during your peak hours of work.

If you have children

  • You can do most of your job when they are in school, be ready to make them happy and feel relaxed when they are back from school.
  • During the holidays, you can take your holidays from work, otherwise choose your best times to do your job, for example during their nap times.
  • You can get them exclusive games to play; usually, kids spend long hours with the toys if they enjoy that. But at the same time, you have to keep changing the games because your son will get bored of it quickly.
  • Ask your partner to help you out with the kid so that you can concentrate on your work.
  • Few mornings you can join them in the play groups in your area, your child will have an opportunity to play with other kids.
  • You have to take short breaks when your kids are around, as you can have some fun with them keep them to make happy otherwise your child might feel neglected. You need to be a super mom to keep you and your child motivated to enjoy life, which will get you work harder also.
  • You also can teach your kids to be quiet at times and make them understand that your work is also important and tell them that you will be happy if they behave well while you are working.

My grandson has a full-time nanny, and his mom works from home most of the time, he has lots of fun going out all the time. With all that when he comes home for dinner time, he tries to run into his mother's room while she is in a video conference. When his nanny tries to bring him out of her room he starts to cry because he wants to be with the mother. Then the nanny and I talk to him about his mother's work he calms down a little bit.

In that way keep talking to your child about your job and make them understand and teach them to be quite, but it will not function all the time, but it is a little help.

As I mentioned before having help is always very useful, but you need take few factors, as to how to hire someone, and the cost involved need to be considered.

Remember kids will be kids, they need fun, will be noisy at times, but the important thing is not to stress yourself too much or do not expect too much from your kids just because of a job, you can make money anytime, but you cannot make kids anytime you like.


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