Fitness is required for Time-Crunched Moms

A mother is a multi-tasker, she responds to everybody's needs in her family to give them a full and happy life. Sometimes it comes across as being taken for granted, as others do not spend any time to think about her. A mother's situation becomes worse if she doesn't get enough help and corporation from her children's father.

Moms are always working hard, cooking, shopping, taxi service for the kids to and from school, checking kids educational needs, teaching children to learn healthy habits, maintain the home for everyone and last but not least she becomes the unifier of the family. And at the end of the day mom doesn't take care of herself, her family do not take any notice of it, but as a mom, she has to take care of herself. I am not trying to say that the kids do not love her, but they do not think in those terms as the mother never talks about her desires with the kids thinking she doesn't want to burden them with her problems.

Parenting is hard, and we cannot neglect our children at the same time we cannot neglect ourselves. School going kids forget to tell mom, the things need doing may be until the last minute reminds the mom whereas the super mom having finished all the work and just planning to go for a swim but she cannot do.

I think the best for the mom to go for her activities are to set up a calendar and leave in a place in the home so that the all occupants will be able to see that. As a result, everyone in the house will know that the mom will have to go for those activities unless there is an emergency in the home. The father also would have seen the event calendar, that will make him think that the mom needs a break from work at home to have good health mentally and physically. He might offer to help in the time that the mom has to go for an activity. The moms take immediate action when it concerns the kids, and there is no procrastination as far as things related to children; the same thing should apply to the mom as well.

For everything to work out happily and not allow any negligence as far as the household duties, plan every week ahead and function as cleverly as possible. When you become older, you will start to feel more incapable of doing things. Therefore, you need to take care of yourself, and in return, you will be able to give full support to your family and keep them happy.

It doesn't take much except taking the opportunities to exercise when they present themselves.

Mothers have to look after themselves as they need to live longer to make the family happier.