How do we put our babies to sleep?

How do we put our babies to sleep?

All kids need good sleep, having a nap time will help babies to sleep well in the nights, and it is crucial for the development of the child.

 Here are some tips that help the babies to sleep well.

  • When we are tired we sleep well the same applies to kids and play some games after dinner.
  • Try various places in your house for the baby to sleep.
  • They have to be in comfortable clothes to sleep well according to weather conditions.
  • Bedtime routine such as baths, bedtime stories, and calm environment help them to sleep.
  • After a fussy day babies do not want to sleep, calm them down, pat for about ten minutes and then put them to sleep.
  • When we have babies around the house has to be clean for good health important their room is more decent.
  • The type of food we give them also helps them to have a good sleep.
  • There shouldn't be any noises to disturb their sleep
  • Nice to have soothing music around
  • Make them eat before the bed time.

When we develop a sleeping pattern for our baby, and then if we are not consistent with it will not work, children cannot adapt themselves for inconsistencies. You need to create activities for the babies before bedtime that are not stimulating. Even with all these rituals, some babies tend to cry before sleep time, leave the baby like that in the cot and after five minutes' start patting the baby with reassuring kind words then kids will eventually learn that crying will not help them and mom's words will help them to sleep. It is understandable that the parents need good night sleep as they have to carry out the regular duties the following day. All day the babies get stimulated due to different activities, and another way to calm the baby down is to keep the baby in the carrier with the mother, it gives ample of time for the baby to take it easy that will eventually help the baby to go to sleep without the struggle.

Make the bed looks inviting, too large beds children will not usually feel insecure. Some mothers sleep with the baby even up to two years old, then the child will not like to sleep alone or with anybody else as the child has got used to that habit o sleeping with the mother. It is always advisable to leave the baby to sleep alone, but the advisors from attachment parenting say that the baby should sleep with the parents.  In any case, if you are deciding to leave the baby to sleep on its careful selection of the bed is inevitable, the bed has to cozy so that the child will feel secure, that will make sleeping a pleasant one for the baby. Remember that your child needs enough rest to stimulate his/her growth and development and when this achieved, your child can reach his full potential.

Most of the help will involve scheduling a pattern, and habits to put the baby to sleep, once you make this as a routine you will find it easier as kids love routine.

You'll find that most babies begin sleeping through the night by nine months. Like all things, soon this too shall pass.

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