How do we help our children to calm them down?

I notice that the kids these days get more agonized than the kids during our time, I am writing this as a mother and grandmother. The kids seem to be throwing tantrums and make more demands from the parents. As parents, we cannot completely ignore that as they have to go out and mix with the society and grow up as real humans to bring a healthy community in our country wherever we live.

Therefore, we have to adapt some methods to deal with the tantrums in a peaceful way if not we will be making the situation worse.

Instead of coming to a conclusion that my child is wrong and I cannot deal with my son, when your child is throwing anger, get your child close to you keep the baby on your lap. And stat telling good things in a nice way, so your child will start to listen to you when that happens the feeling of anger and tension in your baby also goes down.

Then next when your child gets angry, try and find out the reason for it, may be tired, hungry, wants to sleep, or maybe some physical cause even, we cannot blame the child without knowing the correct reason. You might have developed a routine for your child's meal times and nap time, say you went somewhere, and you got late to come back, and you have missed the lunch time then there is a possibility that the child was getting angry. Therefore, you know the answer, you have to do what you are supposed to do at that particular time.

Some kids get angry because they cannot get what they want, my grandson always asks me something if I say no he screams. When I feel sorry for him and give him what he wanted he quickly changes as a happy and smiley boy if his mother sees all that she says that I am spoiling him, even though I wholeheartedly agree with her I couldn't help it.  But if he tries to get anything from his nanny in the same way that he got from me, he will never get it from her because she will never give into those habits as she has been dealing with kids for an extended period of time and experienced enough to deal with child's tantrums.  If your child is expecting something from you showing tantrums, take your child to a side and explain that to your child in a way that your child will happily accept it.

If the children stay all day indoors, they bound to get frustrated and become angry at the end. As we are aware of the outcomes of staying indoors, it is better if we organize the physical activity on a regular basis. Some kids as young as two, go to learn football on some days, they seem to be enjoying it.

It will be a good idea to set a goal for your child and monitor the anger in your child, say for example if your child didn't show any anger for a day, praise your child and reward your child as well. When you give blessings and rewards to children, they become encouraged and happy, praising good is for a child of any age.

Don't ever come to a conclusion that it 's hard to deal with anger, talking and explaining things to kids is also a good idea along with praises. At some stage or the other, they will come to know mom doesn't like me behaving like that and try to change provided that you show enough care, love, and attention regardless of the anger issues. Anger is a normal emotion in kids; it is up to the parents to train them to have good habits in a positive way if the mother reacts harshly for the anger of the child it will never work. Love comes first to bring up better children and better human beings to the society.

The moment you notice the signs of anger in your child's behavior and body language, say you see clenched fists, throwing things, a particular facial expression, get your child to a quiet place in your home start talking to the child, whether you are a grandparent or a nanny it will help. When you look straight into their eyes and showing kindness and love while talking to them will help. A patient parent can change the child’s anger better than an aggressive parent.

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