How to Cure the Abandonment Wound?

All of us have a feeling of abandonment in our lives, some of us live with it, and others find it hard cope with it and looking for ways to find remedies. Everywhere you go you will face this as grownups to a certain extent, might be at a workplace or among the family and relatives.

That said, in the case of kids, they get these neglected feelings in lots of circumstances, and I want to mention some of it below.
The mother dies in childbirth.
Effect on the first child when another child is born, especially when the parents have neglected the child.
Sending the child to the nursery at very young age can affect some children.
Kids put in foster care.
Parents have bad habits, and the child gets neglected due to that.
Parents are having too many problems like divorce, and less concentration on the child.
The child gets verbal and sexual abuse.
During infancy, the child is left to cry for a long time.
Mother ignores or shouts at the child.
Due to the above reasons the child become wounded and will stay with the child for a long time, and as they are growing up they tend to forget that, get on with their lives. But the inner mind will have these feelings forever, and when they start to go into relationships, they will start to feel insecure. And try to be emotionally dependent on the partner. These feelings will aggravate if the partner doesn't respond the way he/ she expected. And also more issues for the wounded partner, when the loved one try to say things to hurt, keep comparing with some others, undermining, not giving enough attention, never tell the truth, never stand-up when there is a problem and left the partner alone to deal with it. All these things will come back to the affected partner as a reminder of the past childhood wounds and ultimately comes into tears to make a situation worse.

All of us expect that our beloved to take responsibility in supporting us and if it happens in the opposite way, you need to look for someone who can nurture you and go for it but remember that you cannot heal any wound overnight anything takes time. But you need to take care in looking for someone, that person might nurture you at that moment but create more issues between both of you later. Things happened in our lives when your partner was hurting you in such a way so that your inner wounds have come out, maybe your partner might have had problems at that point and didn't have the intention to hurt you. It is correct that you are looking for somebody to nurture you but make sure that maybe a true friend or one of your family members as you do not want to have various other issues to come up.
When you are seeking help to heal your wounds, it might be a temporary solution and look for ways to become high enough so that anyone's remarks will not trigger you in future. Spiritual guidance is also very helpful and keeps yourself busy, motivate yourself and avoid the people who are to trying hurt you and eventually when your wound healed you will feel like a different and happier person.
Therefore, we as parents, when we have children nurture them very well, give them enough love, care, and attention while growing up with you. That will make them a stronger personality and others will find it hard to attack them emotionally as they are too strong to be attacked.

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