First Born Child do well at School than Child Born After First Child Due to More Care

The researchers found that first-born children are doing well at school because of great parenting by new parents. The parents have more time to spend with first born and show a fundamental interest in developing the kids thinking powers; this is what the recent surveys are showing.

As parents, they become relaxed with the kids born after the first child do not spend much time in their activities such as reading, playing educational games, therefore, the children born after the first child is less privileged and cannot do well at school.

Researchers say about all these findings such as IQ test in first born kids are better than that of the children born after that. I have to agree on those points as I am not a researcher but I am a persona who has lived long with wide personal experience.

Now, I am going to talk about my life experience, even though the researchers say the first born child has been looked after very well than the other siblings. We also can suggest that the parents have got more experience in dealing with the first child they might not need a lot of time to develop the thinking power in the second child.

When the parents got married if they were struggling for money and barely survived, and the mother became pregnant, and they wanted to keep the baby, the baby was born.  It is evident that they have not planned the pregnancy. That said they still didn't have much money to support the family as a whole in that case they were going through a bad time. As a result, they couldn't concentrate on baby's development apart from keeping the baby healthy and happy by showing a lot of affection and care.

As the time passes by, they got new jobs and more money available now, and they are expecting the second baby now. As a result, they have more money and much happier, so they will be hiring someone to look after their children to teach them to be emotionally well off. If that is the case, I am asking a question why should be the second baby to be less bright than the first baby.

Therefore, we cannot conclude that only first baby can do well at school, the research was not one hundred percent correct. In some families that I have seen, for example, if I take myself, my parents have three children I am the youngest. And I have done far better academically than the other two, even though they got nurtured better than myself, I didn't get that nurturing as mother died when I was born. No one can deny the fact that the firstborn gets more facilities than the ones who were born after. That said, how come the younger ones have done better in life with more achievements than the older ones. It is also not fair for the younger children when they do not get the same attention as the first born child, they might not have got enough love and affection from the parents that will give them emotional effect, but there is no reason why they cannot do well later in life. I am not trying to say that every conclusion is wrong the only thing I am looking at myself and surprised and wondered why the younger kids cannot do well in their life. I think the parental love and emotional support is crucial to a child to live as a confident person to face any challenges in their life to become successful.

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