Is it possible that your young child could be affected by depression?

 Parenting is one of the tough jobs, and still harder to parent a depressed child. Recent studies show that kids are being affected by depression at an increasing rate and physical activity helps to prevent children suffering from depression. Parents should be able to moderate, screen time for the kids and involve them in more physical activity, like going to the park, visiting a zoo, organizing backyard activities will be very helpful.

Most of the parents are not aware that their child is affected by depression and if not treated at the start of this condition there is as a chance that could escalate. Some kids will need medication, and most type of depression in children could cure with the use of various therapeutic methods, the treatment decided by the medical team bearing in mind depression could affect a child as young as aged four.

There are various causes that the kids could suffer from depression are as follows

  • If it runs in the family, the child could get affected.
  • If the child has to witness abuse (physical, mental or sexual), it will lead the child to become mentally ill.
  • The child doesn't get proper, nutritious diet.
  • A lot of unpleasant situation at home between the mother and the father.
  • Do not get enough parental attention.

If the parents are not close to the child, there is a chance that they will not find out at the early stages. Therefore parents need to have quality time with the children and observe them all the time and watch out for symptoms mentioned below.

  • The Child has lost interest in their toys and hobbies
  • Unable to eat properly
  • Disturbance in the sleep pattern
  • Persistence sadness
  • Thoughts of suicide
  • Lack of confidence in "I am no good."
  • Want to cling to someone who is close to the child.

As a parent, you need to find out from your child by engaging in small discussions such as Are you alright? I notice that you don't seem to be interested in anything."

The answer that you could get from your child might be " I am fine," but when they say that you should not leave it like that and continue to talk with some proof so that they will not be able to hide it.

I think that now watching this video will help you to deal with the matter in a perfect way.

It is crucial and beneficial to you and your child devoting some time every day, going outdoors and talking to your kids and make sure that they enjoy the outing with you. Activities like swimming, ball games will relieve the tension created at home, a school will take a long way in assisting your child in recovering from a depressive state.

Make efforts yourself to be cheerful as much as possible as kids do mimic what their parents constantly do. The parents will have to learn to tackle properly to avoid your child going through this illness.

Some parents will not believe that their child is affected by this mental illness, as they believe that the child is so, young and full of joy and happiness, but unfortunately, that is a misconception and a wrong belief, it is not the same for every child. Therefore, care should take to understand the possibility of your child is affected if you take into consideration the symptoms mentioned above but the only thing that you have not noticed. And one thing for sure in reality, if the illness not treated at the early stages, it could become long term and might encounter death as well.

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