How Can I Motivate My Child?

As a parent driving your child is one of the most important things in your child's life to grow up as responsible, educated adults. You need to think about how you can motivate your child.

Ask yourself these questions and then find the answers and get ready to put that into practice.

  • How do I get my child to start working hard from the young age in his studies?
  • Do I have to get him help to motivate in his work?
  • How will I get him to get good grades all throughout the time he is in the school?
  • How will I make him understand that if he gets good grades, he can get into best university for a recognized course?

I am sure that no parent will like their children underachieving in school, as that is the foundation they can have to aim for their goal. Parents always feel proud of their kids when they are doing well in their lifetime, therefore as a parent, we need to lay the right foundation. Parents always enjoy the child's success, and I cannot insist more than this.

To have this wonderful feeling for us and our kids, how do we make them do it? How do we explain about a goal, the child can always reach that, if he applies himself to the future success?

I want to show you four tips that you can use to motivate your child

Do not set a goal that your child will not like it; it has to be encouraging and significant for the child to like it.  You have to make them believe in you if you say that education is important for our life to live with respect and happy.

The child has to believe in it that is possible to become good reader and writer; then they will show keenness to do it. If they start to think that some things that they have to do to achieve their goal are not possible, then the situation becomes harder and will be reluctant to apply himself.

When your child becomes successful, show some rewards, appreciation acknowledgment, so that child will remember that every time he meets his goal, he will have paid that is the extra stimulation to work harder.

Achieving a goal is not easy for anyone, especially kids, so, you got to make them work harder on a consistent basis. If you want your child to become successful, you have to think and take action persistently so that child will know working hard and persistence should go together to become the winner.


When my kids were young and went to primary school, I always wanted them to get one of the best schools in our area, and I started encouraging them to try and get into one of those schools. When I was young, my father was very determined to send me to one of the best schools as he was very keen on giving the sound basis in studies.

Would you think about sending your child to one of the best schools and after that one of the best universities?

If you desire is that you need set a goal to your child to inspire him always to achieve. Always start with small goals, so that your child will become confident when that achieved. Likewise, keep setting small goals to help them to make to boost their confidence. So your baby becomes hard working and grows up with confidence. As a parent, you have inspired your child that you can do anything if you aim to get it. Tell them inspiring stories to believe that and about the students who have achieved very high at the young age. You got to make them understand the advantages of becoming a highly educated person, you will find more intelligent and will be a prominent figure in the society.

The child's friendship is important; the children should be around with the children who are hardworking, have got an aim about achieving in their studies, you do not want your child to get influenced by the children who are not interested in studies.  In the interest of your child, you should have control over their friendships by sending them to the right schools, and there they will have to face the competition. Sometimes competition will motivate them and want to become winners and also chose friends who are successful in school.

When you are a parent you will have a permanent job, motivating, inspiring and encouraging your children even they grow up as adults.

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