The things you watch for when someone else is caring for your child

Most families both parent will have to go work, as such, they faced with the issue of looking after their kids. Therefore, they make their decisions before the mother goes back to work after finishing the maternity leave. Some parents, start sending their child to the nearby nursery before the mother goes back to work, and whereas the others wait till the mother goes back to work.

In the meantime, they start to decide, the option between sending their child to the nursery or hire a nanny to look after their child at home. But whatever the choice is, the parents have a responsibility to watch the child and spend some time every day after work just to see whether the child is happy, and the child is coping with the changes.
I have a grandson, and I help them out along with their nanny, so, the parents will have no stress as I am around all the time when they are at work.  There is always some difficulty in looking after children when feeding a toddler is not that easy. Most of the toddlers have a wacky habit of eating food; I know a friend of mine Carol looks after granddaughter when the parents go to work, and Carol told the most difficult job in looking after a toddler is adjusting to their eating habit.
Therefore, when we leave our kid with the nanny, they might easily get tired of feeding the child, so that child's health will be affected in the long run. The sad truth is there are some people work for money only; they might not have the passion for the job, so, if that type of people is around your child either at the nursery or home, your child will not grow up with proper care and attention. That is why it is important that you monitor the child's behaviour to check whether your baby is happy with the care provider.

Whether your care provider or your nanny making your child unhappy, you should not leave that for long, it is important to find an immediate solution, either change the care provider, or the mother or father can get work from home job, or start a home based business. Remember making money is not the priority for the family, keeping the family happy is crucial in the long run. If you sacrifice and give love to your child, you will get it back from your child when they are older.
Is your child scared when goes to the nursery or when the nanny arrives in your house?
If you think that your child is afraid of going to the nursery or being with a nanny, then your time has come up to change the way of receiving the care, you cannot wait until something goes wrong seriously.
If your child doesn't like to socialize, you need to pay attention to it.
You have to check to see whether your child is socially not interacting, want to be isolated.
Does your child show any interest like when was with the mother?
If you notice that your child is becoming uninterested in things that he was amused before you need to take care of it and sort that out

If you notice any unhappiness in your child, try and find the reasons for it.
Is your child looking unhappy or crying all the time? Why not think about it and make sure that your child has not been affected by the care provider.
Children at the early stages of their life have to be given love, attention, and care to become the happy and successful person in their life. If they don't get love, affection, and attention at their young age, they will grow up with no confidence, lack of self-esteem and an unhappy person.
If you notice any visible changes in your child's behaviour, consider meeting with nursery staff in a gentle way as you do not want to offend anyone without knowing the reason. It may not be the abusive sign; your child might not like the set up as your child cannot adapt himself to the new environment. Once you have analysed the reasons, it will not be a good idea to force your child to be in the same setup, consider changing the whole situation to make your child becoming happier and for you to have peace of mind.

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