A Child’s Happiness and Success Depends on the Solid Foundation in their Early years.

All children need to have a safe and stable foundation to be happy and fruitful in their life. When they are young, they start to trust their parents more than anybody else, therefore if you are parenting a small child, you have to make the child get attention, love, and care on a consistent basis.

In our lives, most of the things that we faced with depending on the foundation that we have got, for example, if you want your child to become a highly recognized professional, the child should be given the solid educational foundation from the start of the early year's education to become successful.

When we are building a house, we have to make sure the foundation for the building is strong enough so that the rest of the building will also be active. If the foundation is not sufficient, the building can collapse any day to the ground.

When a child is growing up, they can feel the negligence and start to feel lonely and depressed from the young age. As a parent if we want to avoid that, there are lots of sacrifices have to be made to give the real attention and love to the child. If you give the love to the child, the child will give it back to you, so make the sacrifices you will not lose anything as your child will give you back the love for you to be happy. We have to accept that parents have to go to work to earn money, that does not mean that we can neglect our children, without giving the proper love to them. My grandson is only two years old, and his parents look after him well, but when they are at work if I ask him where is the mamma, he says mama is at work. So, what I could see from that is, he will begin to accept that his mother is working to give us a better life not leaving me and having fun. The working parents also will have to make sure that they have quality time with kids when they are not working.

The parents when they spend the quality time with the kids, the kids become so close to the parents and children will never be happier with anyone else in that way. That shows there is no substitute for the mother's love for the kids in the world; even the best nanny couldn't provide it the same way. As a parent, if you develop a close parent-child relationship, it will be very helpful to you in the long run. You might be having a high flying job, but it is important you rearrange your schedule and spend that time with your growing child. These early years' parent-child relationship foundation is right for you and your baby. You should always focus on maintaining a loving relationship with your young child.

Parents will have to help the kids, teach them new things, help them to say the first word, learn to walk, potty train and so on. They have to know that you care for them than anybody else and that will make them have trust in you. Also, get them read the books, you got to sit with them in reading the books, and the parents will have to tell them bedtime stories when they go to sleep. When the kids wake up from their nap, it is good if they see the parents first, that will help them to grow the love and trust towards you.

When the children are young, you cannot rush into anything with them especially with the toddlers. Therefore, you need to understand and get used to it. These kids like to learn something new every day, and if you rush them, both will get frustrated. You are supposed to be fostering the feeling of the love with your kids; they can be difficult you are the one who should understand and act accordingly. The toddlers get excited and amazed by the simplest things, like blowing bubbles and getting a sticker. They're an excellent combination of baby and child, and they'll never be this age again.

So, here we are building a lifelong relationship with our children which is safe for the baby and you when both get older.

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