Do you feel stressed with parenting, can quickly find ways to reduce your stress?

We as parents must keep our weight under control even if the children are playing up; their actions may shock or disturb us. We got to think we were at the same age once and learn to keep our stress to the minimum. And try and work out the problems that our kids have and the reason for it, therefore it is important that we keep our emotion quiet and allow them to grow up as responsible children and enjoying their life within the family.

Play Time with your kids

When you feel stressed, try and play with your kids, to reduce your stress, this will help your children to love you and behave better with you as you are giving them an opportunity for playing with the parents. The kids can see their parents are making an effort to make them happy and they will learn to respect and love the parents in return. When you have older children around you, go out shopping with them, discuss and listen to their issues, and at the end of the trip you will realize that stress disappeared.

Gardening as a Hobby

Gardening is a good form of stress reliever; you can make your kids join in planting, when my children were small we used to go into the garden and do some innovative work in the backyard, and also we used to have ball games there. And after that, I used to feel great when I used to see my kids were also happy. You also can have children from the same age group as your children with their parents along with the contribution from their parents by way of bringing snacks and drinks for the kids to join the play session, so that everyone feels relaxed and happy.

Morning Walk

In the mornings, when you go for a walk, you will have a better sleep in the night that helps you to reduce your stress levels and in addition to that after your morning, you need to have a balanced diet for your breakfast. A healthy meal in the morning, plenty of protein and fruit, can balance your blood sugar levels and give you the sustenance you need to handle your daily stress.

Having a hot water bath and dressing up to go out makes you feel a better person with some confidence and happiness. In my experience when I dress better clothes and go out for shopping, prayers or some group meetings gives meet a boost. There are days that I do not want to go out at all, I become lonely and get depressed, I didn’t have this issue when my children were small, because I was forced to go out for some reason or the other.

How to make use of your hobby to enhance your happiness.

If you have a hobby or like to do something, assuming that you have the support of your partner, you can try and turn that hobby into a small home based business. You need to have the help of your family, that is with the support of your grown-up children, will divert you from the regular daily routine. Then you might not find the time sit around doing anything and become stressed; this will give you a chance to spend your time happily. Because you are doing something that you like and another thing, might get some extra cash, also will feel more confident and proud of yourself or maybe you will bring the family closer due to this new venture. You should not spend a lot of time in things like a business as you have already got family commitments, treat that as a fun way of spending your time.

Organising your time.

Scheduling time for yourself is necessary, you should be able to say no to excess demands, spend your time on looking after your health and having some fun will reduce your stress level. Alternatively, if your stress levels go beyond limits, you need to seek to counsel and get advice, lots of books available out there and helpful websites are there for you to look through. Keep a record of your daily activities, and revise your activities that can help you to become stress free.