Do you love yourself and forgive you for not being a perfect parent?

We are all humans; it is not unnatural to feel guilty about our mistakes in the past without realizing that is a waste of time as you cannot go back what you have done in the past.

Feeling guilty is the worst feeling for any parent as every parent cannot be a perfect parent, there could be mistakes happened in the past when you were parenting. But this is a useless worry as it is not going to help you in any way, and if you continue to live with this guilty feeling for an extended period you are making another mistake.

Why do parents feel guilty?

I have been thinking about it for a while, and I am sure that I found the answer for it and believe the answer to that is they are as follows

In this day and age, most mothers have to go to work to have a better life.

Life as a single parent is difficult and most of the time stressed out with their issues as well.

People always read books about "good parenting" and try to live their life according to what said in the books. No can live their life according to what wrote in the books, but you can use it as guidance.

It is no harm in reading those books, but you cannot entirely depend on what said in the books, sometimes people write about their experiences as well, but you have to live your life and care for your kids in the way it suits you and your family. Books give you knowledge, and in my opinion, it is not a good idea to follow everything that is said in the books, as we are dealing with our loved ones, everyone is different. You should follow your own heart and do accordingly.

Why do the parents make mistakes?

My two children when they were growing up I have made so many errors. I cannot stop thinking about my past mistakes. That said I use most of my past mistakes as a motivation to do better for them now, but they grew up and having their family and children. Even though that you have made errors in the past, but yes you cannot go back and correct them, you can gradually create an inspiration for your children by living a better and practical life without sitting back and worrying about your past. If you have the will, you can still love your life and live yours as the role model. Certainly, your children will learn an additional lesson from you.

I am sure that all children will understand that we are humans, and bound to make mistakes, the crucial aspect is to forgive yourself and make your kids also to forgive you, in the same way, you forgive when they are making mistakes.

I grew up with my single dad as my mother passed away when I was born, I know that my father made so many mistakes as a single parent. Most of his mistakes were beyond his control, but he has done lots of good things for us, one of the best he made sure that I become an educated person, I worship him for that even today.

Parents make mistakes, not with bad intentions towards their children some things happen that are beyond their control may be the lack of forward thinking.

Just because you are staying at home with them, the children will not get love from you, unless you spend quality time with them, like sitting around and playing, have fun with them, give their meals on time, take them out parks and buy the things for them like toys and clothes. You do not have to spend the money that you don't have always learn to live within your limits, that will be another good lesson that you are teaching, they will love you for that. Do not ever underestimate that children will not know that you are spending quality time with them in every way; they can understand that love you for that.

Children always learn from you

Children will become aware of your mistakes and forgive you for that because they love you for that. But remember, there should a time for you to love yourself and forgive you, then you start to live a better life that your children will start to respect you. You have to take care of yourself first, and then you will automatically take care of others in your family.

One day in your absence your children will have a long story to talk about