Why toddlers get attached to nannies rather than their families?

Why toddlers get attached to nannies rather than their families?


The toddlers get connected to the nannies most of the time, and they even call them mama and they resist the families for example like the grandparents. The reason may be they rely on the nannies from their needs when they spend the whole day with them, and they do not understand that the nannies are third party people, the main issue is the toddler want their needs to get fulfilled. I have a grandson gets looked after by our nanny, and he is so close to her; I do not want to say that she is a bad person, but my little grandson has put all his trust on her. Some nannies use this opportunity, to undermine the grandparents who go to help them, in a way that they know everything better than the grandparents that put the grandparents in an awkward position. When I wonder why?

My children grew up with the nannies, but I can't remember anything of this type of behaviour from children when they young. Maybe I didn't have the time or capacity to understand that. I know that kids when they are young they need love and attention and will love anyone when they get it. That being said, my grandson loves his parents so much and wants to be with them all the time and unfortunately that is not possible as both of them go to work and I get to help out the nanny when they are at work. Working parents sometimes lose out on affection and closeness with their kids, and they must be looking forward to the weekend. The parents have to make sure when they go out to work; they keep their happy atmosphere in the household during weekends so that the children can benefit from that. If they have any issues between them they need to resolve it quickly as it will get to the child and will affect the baby in the long run, and also the attachment will go to the nanny. A nanny is not a permanent person to the family, and they she has to leave there will be an ongoing scar in your child's mind. Therefore, you need to make sure that the child gets the protection from this type of consequences.


I have seen in some families if the mother is too busy and didn't take care of the baby or didn't give the quality time to the child. So, there would be long-term effects, and the child could constantly be looking for love and affection as he is growing up and in a case doesn't get that from anyone, he will get into bad habits. Therefore the children should get the proper care, affection, and love from the day they were born so that they can fell secure all the time in their lifetime.

What is attachment parenting?


If you want to your child to grow as a confident and secure person, it is important that you respond to their need all the time. And sensitive, responsive parenting methods has to be developed that is called the attachment parenting. Aren't all parents attached to their babies or is there some detail missing here? Attachment parenting is an application of sensitive, responsive parenting. This type of parenting is supposed to be rooted in nurturing methods to create a strong emotional bond and attachment between parent and child. It's all about encouraged responsiveness to your child when your child needs you, you respond. No, crying it out or leaving a baby to sit in a playpen when they needed carrying and cuddling. The idea behind attachment parenting is that as you respond to your child's needs, they become trusting and have healthier relationships as they grow, ones that are secure, empathetic, and comforting.

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