Parents contribution to child’s education.

Preschool education


Parents have to select the school for the child and also they have to get heavily involved in educating the child, otherwise that the child will not be able to cope with outside pressures and will be reluctant to get involved with other kids. The child will be continuously missing the home and the mother, so the mother needs to take the child to the classes and if permitted the mother should be allowed to stay with the child for few days till the child get accustomed to the environment.

Children are natural learners and the parents are natural teachers. When our children are toddlers, we could indirectly educate them by telling stories for them to understand in such a way. We all know that all of us need freedom, but in my opinion in the child's education, we have to be bit forceful at times. I have always checked or even asked my children whether they have done their daily home work. I remember during the summer time that my sons and I sit in the garden and made them to read books loud as I thought that their pronunciation will improve. When the children are young it is our duty to create a good environment in the house for them to work hard towards their achievements.

Primary school


The child would have grown up a little and getting used to the new environment might be bit difficult but the possibility is the child will get used to it soon. We as parents have to escort them to and from school, and as soon as they arrive home from the it is good idea to give them some snacks and allow them to play with some known group of friends for a short while in order to stimulate them to be happy and get back to some studies before the dinner. It is always good to check their daily home work with them and also have informal chat to find out as to what has happened in the school during the day. By doing like this on a daily basis the child will get used to the routine that we are trying to adopt for them which is going to be of great help to them to have a systematic approach to everything as they are growing up.

Secondary school


In my opinion this is an important stage for a child's education, the parents have to take extra care and consideration in selecting schools for their children. Once they have decided about the schools that they are going to apply for, they have to approach the school and ask about the admission test or the selection criteria. Once they have got that they have to prepare the child for the admission test. My father was a school teacher and me, remember how he did the preparation for me to get into school of his choice . I was educated in one of the top schools in my area, and he prepared me to sit for the exam and he was confident that I will pass the test and gain admission. But after all that hard work, when he got my results in his hands he was fully disappointed as it said that I have not gained enough score to get into that school. The parents usually educate themselves before starting to coach the children.  As he knew the education system, he walked into the school and asked for my answer paper and he was told that they couldn't find it at that point. It came as a shock to him again to receive another letter later from the school that I was given the admission. Therefore, the parents have to take extra care in selecting the school for their own kids, as it will give a good foundation for their life in every respect and also to do well academically.

How to Choose the correct path for the higher education?


When they are grown up say at the age of 17 or 18, we might have to help them to choose their line of education, because if we try to force our desires on them it might end up in a disastrous situation I mean the higher education at the university level, sometimes the children, make mistake in choosing the suitable path for them and the time get wasted. I have seen lots of children get into higher education and after the first year at the university, they get fed up and want to change the line. So, one year is wasted and they become financially burdened and get into lots of debt. Therefore as a parent we need to help and advise them to choose a line of education for which they have the passion for and also made them aware that wasting time will cost them money. Nowadays. it is extremely difficult to get a job with an ordinary degree from the university, and they should be encouraged to do some professional courses to get a better job. Having a good educational background is useful for all your life and for your future generation as well. Only one thing comes along with us is our education, all other things could disappear in the event of a small mistake, but education could not be taken away from you or from any of us