The Difficult Eating habits of Toddlers


The Wacky Eating Habits of a Toddler



Once your child begins to leave the world of baby food behind, meal times can be a roller coaster ride. Toddlers are notorious for being fickle and picky eaters. But, how you handle your toddler's eating habits at this age can have an impact on their eating habits for life.

Toddlers thrive on routine, including mealtime routines. When you disrupt this routine, it can wreak havoc. Unfortunately, sometimes this need for routine means that your toddler wants to eat the same food at every meal for six weeks. Don't obsess about this, but do continue to introduce new foods. For instance, if the favourite is macaroni and cheese, you might try switching the menu to the same macaroni noodles but with a little butter instead of cheese sauce. Then add some grapes or apple slices, and see how it goes. Lie about the name if you need to (this is macaroni and butter cheese, yum!), but offer some alternatives.

Try variety of Foods


My experience has been that alternatives will only get tolerated if the rest of the routine maintained. So, you should never try to get a toddler to eat a brand new food in a restaurant. Only in the privacy of your home, where she/he can sit in their usual seat, at the average time will offer some new food. The main point here is that you must continue to provide other foods. If you are content to let them munch on French fries and mac and cheese forever, they may never be willing to try new foods.

One of the best ways to get your toddler to try new foods is to eat them yourself. If your child wants anything that you are eating if you haven't offered it to her. So, when she asks to try it, you can grudgingly give her a few bites of your food, making sure she understands that you were enjoying it, but willing to share. After a couple of days of this, she will be ready to eat the same food, calling it her own.

Don't lose hope- nutritionists say that most children get a fairly well-rounded diet if one offered to them. Just find the healthy foods they will eat, and offer those more often than the less healthy ones. But, keep trying those new foods so that your child reminded that there are more things to eat than macaroni and cheese!

How to encourage kids to eat Healthy?


Getting kids to eat healthy food is a difficult task, but if we work hard, it accomplished.

1.We as parents act as role models showing them about eating the healthy food. Plan the routine for the food preparation; children will have to eat three meals a day and two snacks.

2.We have to make an effort to have meals sitting with the children so that they can see what the parents are eating.

3.Introduce the new food one at a time.

4.When we were doing the shopping, we should take them to the shops and allow them to choose.

5.Encourage them to take the active part in the cooking which makes them feel proud and will want them to hh hh hh eat the food that they have cooked.

6.Cut back on junk food, by having fewer junk foods around the house; the kid will be forced to eat the good food.

7.When the kids are not eating the vegetables, we should try it with the dip.

8.As a parent we have to make the balanced diet, it is up to the children to eat it, and we should not comment on anything they want to eat.

9.We have to find a recipe that works for the kids and also healthy diet needs included in the recipe without even them realising it.

10.Make the meal times as fun and praise them when they are making healthy choice of the food

This happens in my home on a daily basis.


Some families have same food types for nearly for about two years mainly vegetarian food; I have seen that in my son's family as well. My daughter-in –law has got a strict routine for my grandson's diet, but sometimes, he decides that he was not going to eat that, and says "no "when we try to give him the food. So, his nanny and I decide to give something he likes then he will happily eat, and when he says "no" to the food, you can never make him eat. We make a habit of praising all the time when he starts to eat, and it doesn't work at times as he determines that he was not going to eat the food that gave him. But at the same, if he sees me eating something, he will cry and wants to have that food, if I give him a little bit of what I am eating he gets so happy and eats it. Making toddlers eat what we think is right for them on a regular basis, we will find it hard to make them eat. Therefore, we should have the variety of foods to offer them.