How do we Live with a Two-Year-Old and also make them to eat well?

How do we Live with a Two-Year-Old and also make them to eat well.


My grandson will be two years in January 2017; I can notice the changes in him sometimes he comes across as a grown-up boy. He is stubborn if he says no for anything we cannot change his mind. When his nanny tries to feed some food and if he doesn't like it he says no and she cannot make him eat that food. So, she has to find something he likes and then he agrees to eat. So, we could see the dramatic change in a child who's approaching to two years old. His parents are new, they have gone through lots of difficulties like sleeplessness nights and trying to cope with work and the life at home. We are hoping for a better life when he passes this stage of two years.

The difficulty in living with a two-year- old does not last for long, and they grow soon. But before that, you need some helpful tips to handle them properly during those two years' period.

How the toddler normally behaves

boys-286789__180If a toddler wants to have something, it will be a difficult thing to stop him from having it as they tend to become very stubborn at this time of their age. So, we have to remind ourselves all the time that is part of the toddler's qualities. He wants to do something wrong knowing that the toddler is doing wrong, and he is going to get into trouble, he would not give up. If he wants to run into a terrace any time of the day and throw things out he will do it so what we do is to keep the door shut even in the hot weather conditions. Toddlers cannot stay in one place quietly, and they want to run about and try to learn things that they don't know about it. We as parents, should not punish them for their behaviour as it will affect their future development. As a result, we have to change our attitude that the toddler at this stage is harder to handle.

Rushing a toddler is not advisable

When we are living with our toddler, we need to remember that cannot do things in a hurry, learn to take n allocated time to do things leisurely otherwise we will end up with a lot of frustration and that might hurt our toddler as well.  You need to give them time to learn to do things on their own without pushing them much when they are allowed to do this it will help in their development and might give us some peace.

Provision of safe environment for toddlers.


When toddlers are in the house we have to take care of their safety; they will try anything and pick up anything to make them happy. We should never control them and create some opportunities to make their choices in a safe environment. In that situation, there will be no battle between the toddler and the parents, which will give a stress-free life that is good for their development.

Toddlers at this age might be difficult to handle; we got to bear in mind that a two-year-old will grow up soon, and we will not see their activities after that. So, always remember to enjoy their lively behaviour at this age, as when they grow out of it, will not ab able to see that. Toddlers want to learn something new every day, and they are very adventurous, they make us forget our worries at times and make us feel refreshed, so, are we not grateful for that.

How to Get Your Toddler to Eat Well?

Toddlers are notoriously picky eaters. Not a parent exists that hasn't worried about their toddlers eating habits at one time or another.

Some worry their toddlers aren't eating enough; others worry that their toddlers are eating too much, and still others worry that their toddlers aren't eating a wide enough variety of different foods.

The good news is that if you do things right, you can set your toddler on a path to good eating indefinitely. Usually when the family is having dinner together, the toddler wants to eat  what the others are eating but doesn’t want to eat what is on his plate.

How do you do it?


First and foremost, know that when it comes to eating most toddlers are just learning about food, and just starting to develop habits.

You don't want to force food on your toddler at any time, or suggest that they clean their plate or take just one last bite of anything.

Why? It may set them up for a lifetime of food struggles.

Rather, the best way to support good eating habits is to have available at all times a variety of healthy foods in your home.

As long as toddlers eat one or two items from each food group within a 2-3 day timeframe, they are doing well.

Here are some other things you can do to encourage healthy eating habits:

Eat as a Family – This may not be possible every day of the week, but at least 1-2 days per week you should encourage your family to gather together around the table for a good, wholesome meal. Include lots of different foods that are healthy and nutritious. Toddlers learn by example, and watching other family members eat and interact in an inviting environment will encourage your toddler to do the same as time goes on.

Don't Require Your Toddler to Clean His Plate – This is a typical well-intentioned mistake some parents make. Toddlers eating habits are peculiar, but they do know when they are hungry. Forcing them to finish food they can't or won't eat will only result in power struggles and potentially problems with food later in life.

Keep the Refrigerator Stocked with Healthy Snacks


– If you don't have dozens of cookies lying around the house, your toddler will be less likely to eat them. That said to allow your toddler some sweet treats when they are visiting relatives or a friend's house. Just remember to keep sweets to a minimum at your house.

Cook a Variety of Foods – If you usually cook fish twice a week, your child will become accustomed to it as part of their routine.

It will be much easier to convince your toddler to try new things if they are an ordinary part of your diet, then if out of the blue you decide to try new foods that are unusual or unappealing.

As your toddler grows and develops, they will eventually develop more routine eating habits. In the meantime, just providing healthy alternatives and variety in their diet is an excellent way to jump start healthy eating.