Why Babies Cry Excessively?


Every baby when is born needs to cry. First, it is nothing unusual. But if the baby cries too much, that will upset the parents, and if the baby doesn't cry, also it might make us think what is going on. When the baby cry for the first gets some air into their lungs, this is for a healthy baby. When the babies cry either asking you to fee or hold, sometimes when you get angry with the toddlers they cry as your toddler is in training, the children react to your mood as well.

When all know that kids cannot communicate, the only way that they show there are by crying. But excessive crying will alert us that the baby might be having some problems. Therefore, when a baby is crying, it is not good to ignore as we are not sure of the exact reason, even though the kids are different from each other some babies are easy to control, and some are not easy to calm down, and that might be distressing for the mother. Most of the times we cannot find the cause when a baby is crying, and there could be so many reasons for the babies to cry which I have outlined below.


When the baby is hungry will cry, until he /she get the milk, but as they grow you will be able to predict the time that they want to eat.

No reason

baby cry

Some babies cry without any reason, putting the parents in agony, and make them visit the doctor immediately. When they cry, and you respond, then they learn to trust you. You have to guard against boredom, and take them out and also chat to them.


If they were uncomfortable may be with the wrong clothes or some issue with the bedding. Due to some body pains and problem of turning in bed.

Sleeping issue

The mums of some babies find it tough to put the kids to sleep even after trying, like gentle rocking and patting using a little voice they find it challenging and as a result some mums have hired the professional for help. You need to take into account whether the baby feels uncomfortable due to the wrong night wear, dusty or cold room, and you have to sleep as a therapeutic experience.


It is usual for the parents to put the babies in a dark room to sleep and when the wake up after the sleep they cry for attention


The kids always need company, when they see that there is no one around them they start to cry. The baby fully depends on you for food, bedding, warmth, comfort, and they expect a response from you for any of this thing and if you are not there, they will cry.



They must be feeling uncomfortable when their nappies get soaked with urine, and they start to cry until it is cleaned and changed.


Sometimes parents take them out for some reason or the other, the baby becomes tired quickly and start to cry. Babies get hard to sleep when they are overtired, they cry.

Too much heat or cold

Babies cannot cope up with too much heat or even cold; they become restless start to cry for that as well. The need a well-ventilated room. You have to check the chamber temperature and also, make sure that you don't overdress the baby.

Nappy rash

If a tight and wet nappy is on for a long time results in this condition.

The rash can also be due to some allergic reaction to the elastic material of the nappy. When the rash appears it causes soreness and baby become sleepless and cry.

Reactions to the particular food.

There is a saying that one man's meat is another man's poison. Some food articles can produce some allergic reactions. Allergy gets manifested in the form of redness, breathlessness, gastric symptoms and continuous cry.


During teething child becomes restless with crying. Biting, they pull the ear and keep waking in the night, in that situation, they need extra comfort, can give them something to chew as babies like chewing.

Nanny service

When the parents leave for work, leaving the toddler with the nanny, the toddler will cry slowly st the start and eventually will get used to it will become calmer. When they see the mother coming back from work, they will cry again.

Babies are very delicate, and they need all of the above or even maybe more than the above, as a mum always be ready to provide babies’ needs on time. Allowing them to cry for a long time it is distressing for all the family members concerned. Of course the mother needs a good back up as well to keep things happy and peaceful.