Keeping Your Child Safe Online

Inter safety
There is no doubt that we all need internet use on a daily basis, whether is for business or for home use, the use of the internet is crucial helps us to function quickly, fast and passing on accurate information is possible. But, at the same time Parents always worry about the children’s safety on the internet. The children love to use the internet for games, music, studies and for watching films, the use of the chatrooms make them happy as well. Having seen the positive side of using the internet, all of us, need to take into account that our children could face digital dangers by spending lot of time on the internet so, we as parents need to monitor their usage. Children could get bullied anywhere whether it is online or offline. The online bullying is called the cyberbullying, and we need to protect our kids from that as the child can feel that she/he is not safe anywhere or any time of the day.

Keep kids safe

This mainly depends on you how to protect them, it is important that you protect them from social media networks, they should be allowed to join groups of children of their age. Browsing internet takes a long time, even some adults spend long hours looking through the internet neglecting their work, surfing the internet could become an addiction, so it is a good thing to protect them from the young age.

Teach your child about internet safety


When you are surfing the internet for online purchases, make them to join you, or if you are going to a restaurant for dinner, and you will be searching for a restaurant that you prefer, you can get them involved in the search for it. They will learn and understand the method that you are using internet for sensible things. Better way to teach them is to have a discussion about the internet use and also set a time limit for them to use the internet. Teach them good behavior on the internet, explain to them that there is no difference for the good behavior either offline or online.

Some parents are not computer savvy

Like most parents you want to protect your child from the internet digital dangers, but if you are not a computer savvy, you should be able to reach out to companies that offer this type of help to the parents. But you do not need to be an internet expert to protect your kids getting abused on the internet, the best protection that they can get is from you, very understanding and close discussion with them frequently, do not allow an opportunity for them to forget the dangers that they can fall into.
Safety guidelines for parents with small children

Place the computer in a common area that any family member can access it at any time.

1. You should be able to filter programmers by using special software.
2. Teach the children people’s real identity is not known for some people
3. Allow set time for the children to use the internet, but give them time to get help in their homework but just be around to have an eye on their actions without showing that you don’t trust them.
4. You have to check the site that your children are visiting, and if you are not happy with that you have to talk to your child about it.
5. Talk to the children about preferential sites, but at the same time use parental controls to filter, monitor and restrict the programmers.
6. Advise them to keep personal information confidentially not to give out to people they hardly know.
7. If your kid looked terrified as they have seen or heard something on the internet, you need to convince them, that there is nothing to worry about it as you are there to support them therefore that will make the kid to tell the parents, what they see on the internet.
8. Keeping close communication about the online usage is the best solution, if you interfere too much it could annoy your child therefore take things easy but consistently.
9. If you notice. that something wrong going on with your child when they are surfing the internet, you could contact NSPCC for advice
10. Any device connected to the home broadband should use to control the type of content that the kids are safe to watch.
11. Every device that your kids are using should be protected by the broadband control settings.
12. The kids need to be encouraged to use child friendly search engines and activate the lock safe settings.
13. Facebook have safety settings to avoid kids seeing unwanted information, so you have to set it up for the kids, may be you will be able to find in other social media sites as well.

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How do you deal with them during their holiday time.

In this day and age, it seems to be a big problem for you to keep their kids away from the computer, especially in the nights. You can go on holidays with them that gives more time to spend with them and also it gives you an opportunity to find out about their interests and activities. You also could organize various other activities for them to keep them happy and occupied. However, much you do to keep them to change their mind to stay away from internet, the best thing is to have long and good talk with them about the safety will help you to have peace of mind and your kid’s safety