When to start Start Potty Training for a Boy or Girl.

Start Potty Training

When to Start Potty Training a Boy or a Girl?

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The key to knowing how to potty train a boy or a girl is to find out when your son or daughter is interested in potty training. There's no exact potty training age, but some kids are ready as young as 18 months while others may be interested in it until they've reached three years of age.

When to start potty training?

It's interesting to note that girls are more likely to get interested first than boys. However, every kid is different. Thus, he/she must be potty trained accordingly.

But the more involved you are in your child's daily routines, the easier it is for you to figure out the best time on when to potty train your child.

Make your child interested first in sitting on a potty chair or toilet before you start training him/her. If your child can understand and follow some basic directions or your child can tell you through facial expressions or posture that he/she needs to go, then your child may be ready to undergo potty training.

If your toddler opposes potty training today, he/she might be open to it the next month or a few months from now.

Place the potty chair in the bathroom

Potty Training

It is possible to put this chair in other areas of your house where your child spends most of his/her time. Encourage him/her to sit on it with or without a diaper.

Teach your child some bathroom terms. To show the purpose of a potty chair, you may consider dumping the contents of his/her diaper to the potty chair. You may also let him/her see you using the toilet.

For several times, a day, allow him/her to sit on the chair or toilet without wearing a diaper. Boys may need to master how to urinate while sitting down first. You should only teach them how to urinate standing up after they've completed their bowel training.

When he/she is sitting on the potty, stay with him/her. You may read him/her a book or offer him/her a toy to use while he/she is sitting on the potty.

Now, when you notice that your child is showing signs that he/she needs to use the toilet, you should respond quickly. Stop whatever he/she is doing and immediately send him/her to the bathroom. Praise your kid for telling you that he/she needs to go. When your child wants to use the toilet, instead of a potty, let him/she do the honours of flushing.

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If your child resists to using the potty chair or toilet within a few weeks, you should take a break. It's highly likely that he/she not interested yet. You may try again within a few months.

When your child has completed potty training in 3 days, make sure that you reward him/her. The reward should be something that he/she desperately wants. A 3-day potty training is possible when your child is indeed ready.

Acknowledge your child's accomplishment for completing his potty training. Let him/she give away extra diapers to younger kids or send them away through a delivery service.

Showing your son/daughter how much you love him/she is what's important.

To give you more tips on how and when to start potty training your child, you may grab some books that offer tips that your child can be easily adaptable. In this way, training him/her will be a more relaxing experience for you and your child.