How to keep Your Child Motivated

Train the children to follow the routine

mother & kid studying

Children always want to watch the television when they come back from school and sometimes they fall into sleep on the sofa and the parents have to wake them up. What I used to do was to give them a drink with some snacks and send them to play with their friends, about whom I knew very well and got them in after an hour or more. By that time, I would have prepared their dinner, and I would have finished all my other housework. So, that we all sit together and start studying and preparing for the following days school work, this was almost a daily routine. It used to help them to come out of the playing attitude and start to concentrate on their school work.

Even though I mentioned that was almost like a daily routine; there were a couple of days in a week I used to take them for private tuitions for some subjects, leave them with the tutor, and I will be waiting in the car for them to finish their lessons, to take them home. After school I was with them every minute till they went to bed, motivating them about their studies. So, after school, their activity will be play around for a little while with their friends, going for lessons with their private tutor, or sometimes I have taken them for swimming.

kids playing

I have given them enough enthusiasm to take extra interest in their studies by showing lots of well-educated people and how they have lived a happy life based on their education. I have made them value their progression in their studies as much possible. I think it is important that we allow them to have the little bit of fun after school just to forget the pressures that they would have gone through in school, then cheer them up by offering good food and then back to the study mood.

Things to do during weekends.

Family beach

During weekends, they will again have private lessons in the mornings, I always accompany them to go to those lessons, they always knew that is standard practice in my household as I gave priority to the education, not anything else. They will have play times in the afternoon or going out somewhere to make them happy. Then again, comes Sunday morning, they will be reading their books with me in our garden they enjoyed it and rest of the afternoon they played, watched television, and then, later on, just look through their homework and books to get ready to go to school the next day. I was there with them all the time, and they were expected to pay attention to their school work, that it is the matter of making it as their habit, so, when they grow up it will help them to do well in their education. The habits start from your home, therefore, the education, motivation start at home.

When they got good results in their exams, I was happier than them, and they were proud to make me feel comfortable. They began to realize that hard work is essential for life to achieve anything in their life; I didn't have any problem in letting them know that the hard work will be rewarded either I didn't have to motivate them to do hard work, they learnt all through my training with them.

I have written here my experience as to, how I kept my children motivated into studies, and to work hard to achieve their goals. In normal children need the substantial contribution from the parents to keep them motivated especially in studies, as they like to play all the time. Parents must have a tight timetable for us to direct them on the correct path so that they will not get bored of their daily activities. Children need emotional and physical support from the parents to keep them motivated and be successful.