The Future of a Young Entrepreneur

 Young entrepreneur

You might want to try doing this:

When you are young, you might find it easier to start up a business as you will not have many distractions in life. Therefore, your level of concentration is higher than an older person. Close your eyes and imagine it's five years from now, and your life is what you would consider to be perfect. Have a think about the following questions:

1. What does it look?

2. What are you doing?

3. Where are you working?

4. How much money are you making?

5. Who are you?

6. How do you feel?

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In your daily life make it as a habit to find the answers to the above and try and put that into practice that will help you to become more emotionally independent. You need to be more creative and visualise the daily activities as an entrepreneur, develop a mind-set to be a successful entrepreneur even at your young age. Once you start to think about these, the ideas and the strength to begin to flow will help you step into that without fear. The most important thing is fear that you have to overcome, for that, you will need some support but not lean on that support heavily. As you are a young entrepreneur, your parents will keep a close eye on you as they do not want you to fall into any issues, so you can approach them for your initial advice.

Once you have set your mind in the new start-up of a business, start writing down the dos and don’ts on a daily basis, will help to avoid serious mistakes in the running of a company. When you are writing your plans, you have to be sure of your passion for business, search for your ideal market. Next important object is to have a business plan, get some advice about and start writing it or outsource it to somebody lease, but in my experience as you are the new to the enterprise give yourself an opportunity to learn everything and do it yourself. By doing like that, you will be aware of every step of the way to create your pricing structure and chances of making mistakes in the business will be remote. But, once you have gained enough knowledge about your niche, marketing, business plans, outsourcing, studying the competitors and many more you will be able to hire someone to do the work for you in the future. In addition to all the above, you need to have a mentor who has a specialist knowledge of your type of business on the regular basis for your consultation.

How will you plan to market your business?

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As a new business owner, you will be comfortable to try the free advertising to start your campaign. Here are some tips below

Word of mouth


Free advising in local newspaper

Website creation


Email marketing

Networking Events & free business workshops.

Guest blogging.

Facebook advertising.


Press release.

Small business forums

Once you have been successful to a certain extent, you can start to think about paid advertising. Here are some ideas to advertise your business, you need to have a budget for advertising otherwise it could easily get out of hand, your business could run into problems.

Pay Per click

Facebook fan page advertising

YouTube advertising

Banner adverting

Solo ads

Direct mailing

Keeping Records for your business.

Finance is a very crucial part of the enterprise. Maintain daily records as to how much money that you have spent vs. how much money you have received. Once you have done your business plan, you have to do another vital finance record is the cash flow that is going an active part of your business. As a small business owner, you are probably a sole trader, needs to be registered with the tax office and file your returns on an annual basis. Record keeping is crucial to avoid having problems with the tax office.