Tips to Learn to Help your Anxious Child.

 Anxious child


A child can become anxious for different reasons, such as bullying in school, if a teenager cannot get a job after college, some children get stressed before the exams, and some get worried due to mental problems for so many reasons. When children become anxious, they find it difficult to express, suffer from fear, lack of sleep and they find it difficult to eat their food and prone to angry outbursts. All of these things will lead them to lose concentration, some even will wet the bed, and if this is allowed to continue the anxious kids will lose confidence.Children become anxious, when they start a new school, endless arguments in the family or a car accident may make them anxious.

Bullying at school

Bullying picture

Some children get bullied by other children and sometimes they are scared to talk about it at home because, if the bully comes to know about it will make the bully more aggressive. Sometimes, some children will try to harm themselves and even go to the extent of committing suicide. So, we as the parent should start to take notice of all that from the day they begin to attend the school, let us prepare ourselves to face it but we should not discuss that with our child. The options, either we move our child from the school to another school, or we need to have confidential meetings with the disciplinary teacher in a school to discuss it and ask them to find ways to find a solution for it. You can try and talk to your child and train his mind to be stronger and take things easy but always have an on him that he is not getting affected by it. You have to teach them to be strong so that bully is not getting a response from it till the bully gets tired and give up at the end.  A sensible way to get rid of a tyrant, if the bully is trying to be physical then stop ignoring, and the parents will have to step in. Parents should give complete protection for the child as far as this issue is concerned and keep assuring the child not to worry about other person's unruly behaviour.

Difficult to find jobs after college.

Unemployed boy

Finding a job for anyone is hard, you have to accept this and especially when you are leaving college and looking for a job, probably you do not have any experience, it makes it harder. You will be better off if you start with a free job to get some experience then start looking for a job. You also can try and be an apprentice or look for placement with some companies. I do not think it is a wrong idea and feel depressed or worthless, as you are so young there is a long way to go. If you do not give up in looking for a job and try harder, you will eventually get it that is how things work out for anyone. Consistency and perseverance in searching for a job, you will achieve youth goal. As a young teenager, losing hopes and feeling sorry for yourself will not help you, you always have to try hard and then win.

No support

When children are unhappy, they get affected mentally, and it is very hard to the parents as well. Some children when they are growing up, they become unhappy for some reasons, and they end up having mental problems. They become unhappy with parents, relatives and friends. They seek help for their groups from the government, and when they can't get the support that they need, they think that there is no support out there to resolve their problems.

Exam stress

Stress exam

Some children find it difficult to face te exams, and they become terrified of the exams, as a parent we should be able to recognise the fear your is the child is undergoing, should be able to reassure them that if you are not successful, you can always go for the second time. Before the exam talks to the teachers and find about the subjects that your child needs help, and make arrangements to get those help. Once your child gets help, it will eventually contribute to building your child's confidence. As a result, your child will come out of anxiety as far as the exams are concerned.

There are so many other reasons for your child to become anxious, what mentioned above are only a few of those. It is the parental responsibility to find out whether your child is feeling anxious find the solutions to resolve the issue. Help your child to do things on his/her own, do not pass your fears to your child, try and build your child's strength. If you follow the above tips carefully, it should help your child.