Children Need Parental Support Regardless of Age

baby & Aunty
When you are having children whether they are grownups or young, we should be ready to support them at any time of their lives. Children always have a feeling within themselves that my parents are there to help me or support me if I happen to fall into any troubles, or they will help me in my difficult times.
Parental help for the kids

Mother & Baby
When our kids are young, it is obvious that we gave them help all the time, and they will not be able to do anything without our help. As a mum & dad, we do everything for them such as feeding, taking them to school, taking them to the doctors if they are not well, and we make sure that they are happy when they are not at school.
The parents help the infants, around feeding, sleeping and play and also in interacting with others. A schedule of activities needs creating and should be followed to ensure the safety and predictability of the baby.
The child is at the early toddler age, they like to experiment everything, and we should protect from the danger, aggression, and prevent the destructive behaviour, so, the parents should maintain some discipline. However, occasionally, a parent may become so frustrated with the child that he or she needs a period of separation from the child, and when they are back together, the parental tolerance is important.
Parental help with teenagers

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The teenage kid should be allowed to do things on their own, but the parents should maintain a close relationship to be aware of their activities. Too much interference into their lives will push them away, and they will start to do things behind the parents back. However, it is always good to have connections with their friends, like inviting them to dinner and sort give them some freedom to be around the house. It will make easier for the parents to make sure that they are not missing out on anything if it is going to have the serious effect on the kids. Parents should try and direct them into their education, help them in finding the right path for their career without pushing too much. If the parent sees that their teenager is getting into some serious trouble, then they cannot take the back seat, they have come forward and help them to come out of the situation.
Parental help for the Grown-ups

The children grow up and become adults, and then they will need your support in different ways like advice and help in their selection of the life partner, maybe they will need a place to live and it can go on like that. The list can be endless but as the parent we can support only to our capacity, but we have got more life experience that our children and will be able to advise them on any issue they need. Neglecting your child at any age is not a good idea if you want to save your family values and they will learn to the same thing when they have children on their own.  When your son or your daughter gets married and having a baby, but both of them are doing high jobs, they will need to help some parents do not like to send their kids to the nurseries they might want to send them to the nursery just after I year. They might be able to afford to have nannies at home, but still they will like their parents to be around to help out so the kids and the kids will have emotional support all the time.