Emotional State of a Child whose Mother Died when the Child was Born


A mother’s love to the children cannot be accountable, if you happen to lose that you are very unfortunate.When the mother is not there to look after, the child will have emotional problems from the day the child was born. The father might be there on a full- time basis, but remember he has to go work to earn the money to support the family. So, before he goes into work and after coming back from work, he will be locking after the child and in some families there will be siblings as well. So, the question here is who looks after the children when is at work? In some families, the grandparents or the father's sister will look after them. But if the sister is looking after the children and she has to look after her children as well, when the child gets looked after by other people the child will develop a feeling of insecurity.

Grandparents with the Baby



When the mother dies, the baby will lose the most important and healthy food the breast milk, a baby has to start straightway with the bottle milk, that itself is not good for the baby. Therefore, in the absence of the father, the baby will be looked after by the grandparents if they are around. In many families, the grandparents might be too old and unhealthy to look after the child even though they have the best interest at heart for the child. The times would have changed when compared to the times when they brought up their children. Therefore, they might not be aware of the changes and the parental style to look after the baby. They might be making some good effects for the child and at the same time they might be making mistakes as well, which will give a long term effect on the baby. It is a true factor that nobody could replace mother's love, care and affection in the world. The mother gives care, affection, love and discipline as well, but the grandparents will give only love and affection but will not discipline the child when growing up.

Aunty with the Baby

baby & Aunty

In the event the father's sister comes forward offer her help in looking after the baby, there may be so many intentions behind that help, may be the sister wants more financial help from the brother to help her family, so the sister will not have the child's best interest at heart. It will affect the child emotionally; sometimes it makes us think when the mother of the child dies in the child's early stages the child ‘s well-being is under threat. Is it normal for the child to have a hard life when the child is being brought up by the other members of the family. Sometimes the sister will get pressure from other members of the family to leave the baby to the father as that is his responsibility.

Step- mother with the Baby

Baby & step mother

In some families, the father marries again, the step will take the responsibility of looking after the baby stepmother to look after, she might be very good individual but cannot replace the mother. The mother is important for the child's emotional development.  The stepmother will not give the full attention, care and love to the child and that affect the child emotionally. As a result, there will be more side effects due to the child is being brought up by the stepmother and the child will become completely upset emotionally.

Father and the Baby

Sometimes, the father can be stressed after work and display a feeling of anger towards the child, and it could be very harmful, if that sort of situation continues, the child will be at special risk. That losing a mother at an early age is one of the most stressful life events a person can face. It completely rips apart the fabric of a child's life. The motherless daughter could become more vulnerable, and may be exposed to sexual abuse by the father or by the step –father, eventually the possibility is the child's mental state, and physical state will be affected. If the mother dies, children will continuously face challenges in their life and sometimes it will make some children become stronger and prepare themselves to overcome the challenges in a very hard way. Mother gives the comfort, care and love, the father gives the sense of fearless life. Having said all these, I cannot rule out that the children will be unsuccessful in their lives if the mother is not around. My mother died when I was forty-eight days old, I grew up with my father. I would say that he did his best for me. I do not like to think that I am unsuccessful in my life when compared to a lot of other people out there. The only solution is if the father wants to bring up the child and if he can afford it is better to hire dedicated, reliable people to look after the baby under his control.