Life as a Single Parent

What does it mean?
single parent
Partners have been living together for a while and after having children the either separate or divorce for some reason and live apart from each other while one parent either the mother or the father becomes the primary caregiver for the children. The children will be living with the primary caregiver and they will be visiting the secondary caregiver according to some arrangement made between them two.
Some women choose to live as a single parent out of their choice.
Some women become the single mum according to their choice, may be due to the fact unplanned pregnancy or some people willingly become pregnant and they want to live as a single mum. Some women like to adopt children on their own may be to help some disadvantaged child, becomes the mother of the child and live a single mother.
Problems in single parents life
single father
As a single parent, they face a huge amount of problems, as parenting is the most difficult job in the world. They are always in need of physical, emotional, financial help but they will not have anyone to give them the genuine help. A single parent will have to do the daily routine of the household, feeding the kids every time, taking them to school and collecting them from school. If the income they get is not enough will have to try and find a job within school hours, when the single parent gets a job she needs to have a plan in hand to prepare the child to go to school, dropping and picking the child from school. Then once everyone arrives she quickly given them some snacks and allow them to play for a while. In the meantime, she will be preparing the dinner for her and the kids and overseeing the school work. These are all her daily routine and cannot afford to neglect, as it will affect the kid's future, so, in reality a single mother cannot have a good break apart from going on holidays.
Single parent and the Teens
The kids will grow and when are between the ages of 13 and 18 the single parent will have lots of emotional issues with the teenagers. Normally, most parents make the mistake with the teenagers are always expecting the negative actions from them and it will prompt the teenagers to make more mistakes. The mums read a lot of parenting books and try to apply the theory to the real life; it will not work all the time. Sometimes the single mother will get tired and will ignore the big mistakes made by the teenage children it will become harmful to the future. As a parent, you have to communicate with them all the time, discipline them, when is needed and remember your influence will remain with them all the time and ultimately they will learn to live their lives according to your expectations.
Help available to solve the problems.
Single dad
It would have been ideal if the single parent has attended some parenting workshops and classes, these are genuinely helpful and you will be able to get useful tips if you are struggling. It will help anyone when they have to look after their kids on their own. The new parent can learn the methods from their parents as well and get their support and help regularly if they are around.
The financial help from the Government
Parenting is hard work either as a single parent or for both as well; the single parent gets affected financially as well. A single mum should get the benefit from social services office and benefits like income support, housing benefit, tax credit, job seekers allowance and child tax credit.
Ways to meet people.
Single parents could feel lonely, isolated, overwhelmed with work and it has been a tough time to go through the break-up, so, start looking for new love, to regain your confidence back you are better off approaching the dating agencies and they are ready to help you.