How do we teach good habits to children when they are young?


We all find it easier to teach children the good habits that we want as they will listen to you when they are young and growing up. It is important that we show lots of affection and love when we are teaching it, along with that we need to set house rules and tell them that they have to abide that in their minds. The kids when they are listening to us and obeying the house rules they need praising and at the same time we should not ignore and bring it to their attention when they try to behave badly.

Love and harmony at home

Happy brother & sister

We also should teach the kids to love the siblings, and not to attack them or fight with them; it is very important that we have to put a strict rule towards it as it will stay with them when they grow up as brothers and sisters. Children will have to be taught to forgive and forget other people's mistakes and not to keep in mind as a resentment, and we have to amuse them by saying, if you keep too much resentment in your mind there will not be room for wonderful thoughts. Also, children should be taught not to tell lies under any circumstances, always speak the truth for the parents to support to bring them out of any trouble that they are facing.

Respecting Elders

The important aspect we as the parent they have to listen to us, learning to listen will create the respect for the elders. Any child who learns to respect the elders will be successful in their life. Lots of children out there have become violent and verbally abusive as they have not been taught to respect their elders. We have to show them as role models by respecting each other in the family. The rule should and implement that any scream or fights are not allowed in the family home; this will help them to become a peaceful person in their life.

Maintain cleanliness at home


We always have house rules to maintain a clean home, and it is vital that children are aware of it. They should be taught to clean the plates and cups after every meal, always use the dustbin to put the rubbish, and also take part and pay attention to general cleanliness of the house instead of leaving everything to the parents to pick up. We have to set the daily routine for everyone in the household and explain to the children about it and follow it.


We have to take care of children's safety all the time and explain the procedures to follow it. The children need to advise, that they should not talk to any strangers when they are they on their own. When they are at home tell them not to play with the electric, gas, the kitchen knife, or try turn on the cooker, use of the iron is not allowed at any time, and to be careful with everything used on a daily basis.

Healthy Food

Happy child

Children eating healthy food is vital as they are growing up, and encourage them to eat healthy food we should be the role models for them. Every child loves to eat hamburgers, sweets and cakes, we cannot sit back and allow them to eat all that fatty food. It is, of course, a hard job to make them eat vegetables and fruits, but if work on it regularly, they will get used to it, but we should not force them as they will not do the same thing when they are eating out. When the moms go for food shopping, make them choose what they like, it will help us a little bit, and also different methods of cooking the food will inspire them to eat the healthy food.

We cannot overwhelm children by trying to implement rules of the house in one go; they need time to grasp we need to find a suitable time to talk to them in stages. Children normally don't like to listen; we have to find a suitable time for them to have a dialogue with them, offer them worthy things to cheer them up and we will use that opportunity to introduce our rules. Children will become bored easily if we keep on talking about a subject for too long, and they will stop listening to you.