Children are Happier with Relaxed Parents.

Happy kids


Parenting by Relaxed Parents

All parents like to have the knowledge of parenting, but some do not get a chance of getting that knowledge. In instances like these, they should find out from the parents who have kids or follow their parent's way of parenting. Some laid back parents are there if that is the case everyone in the family will tend to relax as well; including the children, but people forget even though for the laid back parents, their best interest at heart will be for the kids.

Parent Contribution to the Children

Several parents continuously worry about their children's education, school and the food they eat, the friends that they like to play. As a result, the worry and the anxiety will become part and parcel of the parent's life if they do not take care of their anxiety or have some faith in their children they could pass that on to their children unconsciously. Remember we as parents are the role models for the kids. Therefore, the parents will have to learn to stop worrying, they should promote freedom, trustworthiness, encouragement and happiness in the household, the kids will eventually sense it and accept that my parents are trusting me, that will help the child to become healthier and happier.

How to make Children Happier & Healtheir

Parents are the biggest influence in a child's life. Parent's involvement in child's schooling will help to develop the child's education in the future. The best parenting tip is not to spoil your child, but at the same time the kids get affected by the constant rules and discipline imposed by the parents. The best way to deal with a child's tantrum is to ignore that, if the parents start taking any notice of the child's tantrum, a situation will become bad. The children need to have a feeling of security that has to come from the parents; we have to make sure that they are aware that we are in support of them at all times. We should not think that if I allow my child to make mistakes, one day they are going to fall into a big trouble, that is wrong, and we should allow them to make mistakes and learn from it themselves, which will make them a happy and confident child. If we teach our children to learn gratitude by being a role model to them, they will be easily accepted by the wider community soon. These are just some of the simple tips to raising happy and successful children. Being a parent is a huge responsibility; thus, you must do your best to do well with your child.

The Contribution of Relaxed parents

The best way to bring up children is to talk to them, listen to them and show real affection and set boundaries for their behaviour. If you are a laid back parent, the children might get the idea that you don't care; on the other hand, if you enforce rules and punishments on them, they will try and move away from you, might become rebellious and will stop telling you anything. When the kids are growing up the friendship is more important to them, we have to check on it and try and get to know their friend's parents as well. In my opinion, the best parents are laid back parents but have set boundaries and also let the kids learn about it, that anything they do in life needs to stay within a boundary.