Teaching kids to resolve conflict peacefully.


mom-863052__180There are some children out there will not tell the parents about the conflict they have with other kids. But we, as parents should be able to find out their problems in a tactful way and encourage them to tell us everything without fear, so, we can ensure the safety of our children as well.

We are all different from each other

Parents will have to make the children realise that every individual is different in every way and all of us will have to accept that. We cannot expect other individuals to be like us, and also it will not be feasible to change others to act like us, but we have to change ourselves to accept the real fact. When parents are teaching the kids to resolve the conflicts peacefully, it will help the teachers in the schools and also when they are growing up it will help them immensely. We as parents have got a responsibility to be their role models; for them to learn to take their personal responsibility, emotionally, physically, financially and organisationally.

Children’s Safety

The parents will have to explain to the children, when kids get into fights, things can get out of control which will escalate into physical violence, and abusive language. Children who are exposed to lots of violence and abuse, will tend to grow up with that mind set, will have a bad influence on them as a grown up person as well.

Accepting your own mistakes.

Parents should explain every one as a human being bound to make mistakes in life but we have to make sure that we are learning something from our mistakes. For us to learn from our mistakes, we have to learn to accept our mistakes first.Do not ever hide your mistakes and try to pretend that you haven’t done anything wrong which will eventually make you to make more mistakes.

Self Control.

When a conflicting situation arises, the children should be taught to keep them under control instead of bursting out for an argument. Parents will have to show them, by keeping you under control, will not harm you in anyway but will make you a stronger personality. A stronger personality will have lots of patience and also they will have the capability to assess the situation before going into action. Someone who has lots of patience wins at the end when compared to the person who is always angry.

Have a passive discussion

When there is conflict with someone, always look out for an opportunity for an open discussion. It is always better to have a cooling off period, and try and communicate with the person that you are in conflict with. The communication will have to be calm and the person who initiates the communication should be use proper words and phrases in order to calm down the person who is going to listen to you.

Make children  listen to you as a parent

There are lots of children out there are not prepared to listen to the parents at a young age. But they will think about it and regret it after the damage is done or may be they are grown up. Parents should develop the trust for the children from the very young age by giving them lots of love and support, tell them educational stories with examples, they will grow up and begin to trust the parents .Teach them to have good associations, which will help their future. Making a child to trust the parent in every way is crucial for their future well being, and even if they are pretending that they are not trusting the parents, they will still follow the foot steps of the parents.When they are growing up they wiil tend to look back about the sacrifices made by the parents for them, and make a determination to make their parents feel proud of them.