How to be a good parent


I am a parent myself and I have two boys and they are grown up and they are married and employed now. When they were born I was ignorant about parenting and I didn’t have any one to guide me and my mother died when I was young. My father brought us up and I am the youngest in the family and I have two eldest sisters they didn’t have children of their own, so at that time I was on my own and my husband was clueless about everything. But with this entire situation I loved my children very much and we employed people to look after them. I had two people helping us, one for the house work and the other one for looking after my children. During those days someone in your family also helps in a situation like these and had some help in bringing up my children from my mother-in – law. But, she was old and couldn’t do very much for the kids but she looked after them very well for a while. So, my children grew up with the little help from their grandmother and my eldest son started to go to the preschool, I have hired another person to take him to school when he was brought back from school, I was at work but he was looked after by the woman who lived with us. One thing I developed in myself to take care of them all the time therefore they had a feeling of security within themselves and they always knew after playing out with friends and when they come home hungry there will be food available to them.

When they stated to go to school, I used to drop them & bring them back from school as I was always working on a part time basis. There were loads of times I used to take them for private tuitions after school, and I will be sitting in the car waiting for them to finish the tuition. A good parent will sacrifice everything in life for the children; all our sacrifice will be only up to they become adults to see us as role models. What we do for us will not remain but what we do for our children will remain as a legacy. If our children behave badly that is the result of poor parenting. Kids can be annoying, frustrating and downright infuriating, but we parents show them the love and care through thick & thin. Poor parenting will manifest in the child’s mind and will have bad effects on families, work places and it will start to dominate their life in a bad way. Most parents do not realise that their actions will have a direct influence on the child, whether a toddler or teen it will manifests in them and reflect at a later date. The biggest problem in a child’s life is lack of discipline, boundaries and standards and mostly love and affection is not shown to them directly. However these can be resolved by showing the affection, care and real love which will have an immediate impact on the child. Bad behaviour, abuse and violence shown by the child in outside environment or in school is a direct result of bad parenting but these can be resolved by setting standards, boundaries showing care and attention, and engaging them in a two way relationship with the parent will definitely help the child to improve the behaviour.